OpenBrix Bounty Programme
"Property nightmares"- Competition and Giveaway
We've all had difficulty dealing with many aspects of the real estate game. Whether it's crazy neighbours who make your life hell, a shady landlords that's never around, or unreliable tenants that try to pay in baked goods… We've all been there.

Tell us about your best real estate horror story including pictures if you want, for a chance to win a month's worth of rent in BRIX tokens!

"Property Nightmares"
Help the House Bounty
If you wish to participate in our ' Help the House' bounty, "Help the House" covers a range of activities with new tasks being constantly added.

It also allows you to get involved and suggest activities that we should add to our bounty programme.

for more information, please go to our bounty page using the following link.

"Help the House"
Bitcoin Talk Bounty Thread
Provides our much loved community of most up to date information on our bounty campaigns

OpenBrix Bitcoin Talk Bounty Thread
World Cup 2018 Sweepstake - CLOSED
If you wish to participate in the first ever crypto world cup sweepstake, please go to our sweepstake page using the following link.

"World Cup Crypto Sweepstake"