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Visionary simple idea. Globally renowned, high profile team.
$100 bn market to disrupt

OpenBrix will open the property network to Property Owners, Property Managers, Estate Agents and Customers on a simple, open and transparent network.

What is OpenBrix?
A simple open network available to every one.
OpenBrix is the first blockchain powered decentralised property portal in Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) and Asia, that will be fully open and inclusive to everyone.

OpenBrix™ is a decentralised network that connects all key players in the property letting and sales market on a single network.

By creating a decentralised network there will be no single owner who controls the money, data or rules of the network. Everything will be community-run and done for the benefit of the community. It will be the true democratisation of the property rental and sales market.

Our Vision
Simple network with true disinter-mediation for the property market.
OpenBrix will help fully realise the dream of disinter-mediation that the '.com' generation promised but did not deliver.

OpenBrix will create a property network, which is open to everyone.
Our Solution
A simple platform where all members of the network can transact and communicate without inter-mediation.
Simple Solution.
Decentralise the platform, decentralise the power.

OpenBrix will simply provide a platform which will be easily accessed through our DApp. The platform will allow all members of our network, which will include, Property Owners, Property Managers, Estates Agents and of course our Customers, to transact and communicate without inter-mediation.

OpenBrix will not be involved in the securitisation of security deposits, nor will we aim to build properties for investment purposes.

Simple Business Model
Annual Fee
OpenBrix will charge an annual fee to ensure that each member of the network is paying towards the maintenance of the network.

A reserve of tokens (BRIX) will be held which will be sold over time to help fund ongoing developments.

As the number of tokens held in reserve is reduced, the number of members will increase, meaning eventually the platform will be self sustained through annual fees and other non token income streams.

Property Insights
With Blockchain technology a large volume of data is created, at rates we've never seen before.

OpenBrix Insight center will harness the power of this data to produce insights and reports, which can be sold to property professionals, as agreed by our community.
Project Scope
$100 Bn Market to disrupt
OpenBrix is disrupting a $100bn global market.
Simple Idea
The simplicity of the idea will drive up adoption from both customers and property owners.
Simple user interface for customers
A simple user interface built in HTML5, Android and IOS to give our customers both a simple user experience and intuitive functionality.
Multi-Purpose Utility Token
A token that can be used both as method to transact on the network, or as used method to purchase products and services.
Key Features
Six reasons to choose OpenBrix.
We start with trust. OpenBrix is an open transparent property network. Our token holders and our network members will know that everything we do will be done in an open and transparent way.
Star Team
We have a reputable team, which include some of the best and most high profile individuals in the world. Our team is lead by globally renowned professionals from the tech and business world, supported by a young and vibrant operational team.
Private Exchange
OpenBrix's private exchange partnership with FYDO gives our network ease of access, security, trust and convenience for BRIX exchange transactions.
We have aligned with best in class corporate partners to ensure our network receive the best-in-class service.
With one of the most experience teams across all thematic areas, from real estate, and commerical to startup and technology, our team has the knowledge, experience and gravitas to bring our vision to light.
We take pride in our complete, transparent and open communication with our network.
Our Corporate Partners
OpenBrix has teamed up with the best-in-class partners for our venture, adding great value to our network. Everyday we work hard to make life of our customers better and happier.
Our contacts
Feel free to write and call us. We really love to communicate with our community.
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