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Here are the questions that we get asked a lot about OpenBrix.

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OpenBrix General FAQ
Q) What is OpenBrix?
OpenBrix is a property portal built on a simple and transparent network. Our mission is to open the property market to Property Owners, Managers, Estate Agents, Renters and Buyers, with an emphasis on fairness and community.
Q) What is your vision?
We want to create a fairer more open property network.

Our vision is that OpenBrix becomes the property platform that enables innovation in the PropTech space. The platform will act not just as a service provider, but also as an enabler to other PropTech innovators to build on the work we have done. We will be actively engaging other PropTech businesses, from securitisation and land registration to property investors to come join our network.

Our main vision is to fully realise the dream of disintermediation that the '.com' revolutionn promised but did not deliver.

We will not discriminate against centralised or decentralised applications. We simply want to give choice to our customers so they can have all option available to them.

OpenBrix will create a property network, which is open to everyone.
Q) Are you planning to replace Estate Agents?
Absolutely not!

Our founders are private property owners, who greatly value the services Estate Agents and Property Managers provide, from viewings and negotiations to regulatory and contractual advice.

However, we do not believe that one group, be that estate agents or property portals, should hold all the power. OpenBrix will develop an open network which will give property owners the freedom to choose how they wish to market their property. They will be free to choose to market directly to tenants and buyers, or choose to use the value-added services that estate agent / property managers provide.
Q) Can your team build OpenBrix?
Yes, we can!

Our advisor and technical strategist, Shahad Choudhury is an experienced entrepreneur, having started his journey managing his family's property business at the age of 15. Since then he's set up and has been involved in many start-up tech business, most recently a PropTech start-up called CloudAbode. He is also a former adviser to both the UK Parliamentary Blockchain Committee and the AI Global Governance Task Force.

Our Chief Technical Officer Dr Sadek Ferdous has a PHD in blockchain technology and is a UK Cabinet Officer fellow. He has lead teams to the world ACM Hackathon Finals on three occasions and has been working with the UK Cabinet Officer and Thames Valley Police on blockchain projects.

The OpenBrix solution will be created by our development team, with each member bringing years of experience in tech projects, and have been working exclusively on blockchain projects for the last two years.
Q) Can your team commercialise it?
Yes, we can!

Our Chief Commercial Advisor, Tom Fox, is a globally renowned brand builder. Tom has a long and distinguished career serving as a c-suite officer in Gatorade, PepsiCo, and the NBA. As Chief Commercial Officer of Arsenal Football Club, Tom secured the largest commercial contract in Arsenal FC's history, a £200 million deal with Emirates. This remains one of the largest deals in the history of English football.

When the time comes to make OpenBrix a global brand, it is hard to imagine a better Commercial Advisor in the business than Tom Fox.

Our Chief Strategist, John Reilly is the Managing Director of Shoreditch Partnership. Over the last 15 years, he has taken more than 30 companies from startup, to seed funding to A and B class fundraising. John's experience and knowledge of the start-up space will be invaluable to the OpenBrix team to navigate the initial start-up years and beyond.

These are just some of the members of our commercial team, with an energetic operational team ready to drive OpenBrix to its commercial potential.
Q) Why does the world need OpenBrix when property portal services already exist?
All property portals a centralised entities that leverage their market dominance over the network.

What differentiates OpenBrix from other property portals is that it provides an fairer, open, decentralised platform. The platform is based on blockchain technology which means all the members of the network control the price, data and key policies rather than a centralised entity.

OpenBrix is a powerful 'P2P Property Platform':
> That puts people first,
> That puts people back in control
> That you can trust
Q) How is OpenBrix going to make it better?
A centralised structure has always allowed one group to exercise control over the rest of the network.

Whenever a disruptor firm arrives to the property market, they have always arrived in a centralised form. In the end they replace the existing centralised entity with themselves, and become the new central controller of the network.

Decentralisation is the only way to truly ensure:

• No one group can exercise control over the network, its data, its policies or its financial resources.

• The connection to the customers does not belong to any one part of the network and no one group has the ability to shut it down.
Q) If OpenBrix becomes one of the largest property portals, wouldn't it be able to then leverage its power over the network exactly like the current property portals do?
That's exactly the concern that a lot estate agents and landlords have with property portals. There is scepticism around supporting new property portals, as it's possible the new portal will merely replace the old portal and continue to monopolise, then leverage control and power over their users.

With OpenBrix, it is not possible for us to have that kind of control over the network. By being on the blockchain our community has far greater control. They choose what happens with the data, the cost of annual fee and the direction of development.

If a percentage of the network decided they did not agree with our policies, pricing or general direction, in the blockchain world they would be able to "fork" and create a separate network.

In a centralised world, it is not possible for the "community of customers" to organise and break-away that efficiently as the central entity holds all the customer data and information.

The OpenBrix decentralised model ensures that all parties in the network work together, compromise and develop a network that is fit for everyone.

Its true democratisation of a customer community.
Q) Ok, so what is Blockchain?
Blockchain is at the forefront of a new digital technology revolution that has caught the world by storm;

In simple terms it is a decentralised network and digital ledger for transactions, which can be programmed to store any kind of valuable data and has no single point of failure. A blockchain platform also allows smart contracts to be distributed as well as decentralised applications to be developed and run without the influence of a central arbitrator, downtime, fraud or any external interference.
Q) What Blockchain features are you going to use?
We will be using the following blockchain functions:

• The platform will be based on Ethereum blockchain or another permission-less network, in order to utilise Smart Contracts
• A personalised token, BRIX for the ecosystem
• Smart Contract function for transactions and communications
• Decentralised data storage
Q) What is OpenBrix enterprise architecture?
"OpenBrix Platform" enterprise architecture consists of:

• Reputation Layer, Identity Layer, Transaction Layer, all connected by smart contracts on the blockchain platform

• BRIX Utility Tokens – Standard token to facilitate transactions on the network

• BRIX Wallet – A Wallet where users will be able store BRIX

• OpenBrix DApp - Decentralised app which will be available for customers to download on android and IOS.

• OpenBrix Platform and DB – A ledger that logs every transaction and interaction within the Ethereum Blockchain.
Q) What does OpenBrix development roadmap look like?
Please check out our website for a detailed roadmap
Q) Who are the key actors on the OpenBrix Platform?
• Property Owners. (Group A)
Property Owners can either be individual property owners, charities with multiple properties or big corporate developers; who wish to sell or rent their property.

• Property Managers - Physical & Online Estate Agents. (Group B)
Property Managers are essentially physical and online estate agents.
Property Managers are employed to handle the complex social and regulatory task involved in property related transactions. Property managers are a vital part of the supply chain providing important services to Property Owners.

• Customers. (Group D)
Customers are the people who wish to purchase or rent properties from Property Owners.
Q) How will OpenBrix make money?
OpenBrix simplicity isn't just with the platform, but also our business model. We will have the following revenue streams

• Sale of BRIX tokens to generate initial income
• Monthly fee from Property Managers or Property Owners
• Monthly fee from additional service providers on the network
• Selling data insights and reports to property professionals and agencies

For more information, please refer to the Whitepaper.
Q) Is your website safe for transactions?
Our website deploys professional-grade DDoS protection along with verified SSL that encrypts all inbound and outbound connections. Our website is safe for our users to provide information and access OpenBrix network services.
Q) Why does the world need OpenBrix when property portal services already exist?
What differentiates OpenBrix from other property portals is that it provides an open, decentralised platform. The traditional closed centralised models mean that the property portals have immense control and power over the rest of the network, and leverage that power to charge inflated fee's year after year. This is not possible on the OpenBrix network.
Q) What if your website suffers from a cyber-attack?
Although it is not possible to completely eliminate the threat of cyber crime, we can prepare for it. We have taken and continue to take necessary steps in order to ensure the safety of our visitors and security for our investors.

Our Director of Cyber Security, Dr David Yeregui Marcos del Blanco, is a PHD in cyber security and has comprehensibly reviewed our website to ensure that we are prepared and all necessary counter measures in place, in event of a cyber attack.
Q) Are your BRIX tokens deemed as an asset?
No, there are no voting rights or ownership rights. It is a utility token to be used on the network.
Q) What should I do when I need your support?
You can contact to us via the following channels:

- Facebook:
- Email:
Q) Can I see the raw data that is stored in the blockchain?
Yes, you can.
Contact us in any convenient way:

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