OpenBrix Team
A high profile, globally renowned senior management team, complemented by a young and vibrant operational team, who bring in the energy and enthusiasm that a start-up needs.
OpenBrix Management Board
Amy worked in investment and private banking for 20 years including 11 years at Edmond de Rothschild. She is an expert in governance and speaks regularly on the subject of blockchain in financial services and property.
Chief Commercial Advisor
Tom Fox, is a high profile globally renowned brand builder. As Chief Commercial Officer of Arsenal football club, Tom secured the largest commercial deal in Arsenal FC's history.
Tracey is a strategic foresight and futures professional and a leader in innovation. She is in the BIMA 100 as an Agent of Change. Business Cloud recently named her one of their '101 Female Founders in Tech'.
Co-Founder & Chief Strategist
John is the Managing Director of Shoreditch Partnership. During the last 15 years, he has taken over 30 companies from starts up, seed funding to A and B class fundraising.
Co Founder & Investment Advisor
Phil is CEO of Magenta Group, a financial services boutique based in London and Luxembourg. Phil is recognised world expert in the creation of crypto-based financial products.

OpenBrix Governance Team
Chair Governance Commitee
Vice Chair Governance Commitee
Legal Advisor Governance Commitee

OpenBrix Development Team
Chief Technical Officer
Data Scientist
Director of Cyber Security
Senior UX Designer

OpenBrix Commercial & Operations Team
Token Economist
Head of Real estate Partnerships
Country Operations Lead (UK)
Country Operations Lead (Germany)
Country Operations Lead (Spain)
Head of Commercial strategy
Head of corporate partnerships

OpenBrix Marketing Team
Chief Marketing Officer
Director of PR
Senior Copywriter
ICO Campaign Manager
Social Media / Marketing Coordinator
Social Media / Marketing Coordinator

OpenBrix Advisory Team
Global Operations Advisor
Investment Advisor