We can finally announce that we are ready to Initiate our whitelist purchase & bounty / airdrop distribution.

for more info, go to
Whitelist Purchase window
18th February - 8th March 2019

for more info, go to
Airdrop & Bounty Distribution
18th March - 5th April 2019

Please note, after the above deadlines,
you will no longer be able to purchase whitelist discounted tokens or claim your bounty tokens.
They must be purchased at market price from our partner exchange.
Airdrop & Bounty Distribution
Duration: 18th March - 5th April 2019
Token Distribution: 30th April 2019
1) Register on OpenBrix
Go to you and register your details.
You will have to register using the EXACT same email address as the email you used to sign up to the bounty programmes
You will receive email confirmation
You will need to activate your account
2) Pass KYC
Once registered, you will be taken to your dashboard
You will be notified how many tokens you are due to recive
You will then be asked to pass KYC
You will need to complete KYC submission
3) Create Wallet
Should you pass KYC, you will be notified
You will be asked to sign back into your OpenBrix dashboard
A link will be provided for you to create your wallet
Tokens will be distributed to this wallet